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Integrating the Secure Payment Gateway

Shopping through smartphones is extremely common. Most retail sales today have moved online due to the enforced new normal. However, eCommerce mobility sales are set to reach an all-time high in 2021, surpassing 54% of the total sales. Seamless purchase experiences across an application with a secure payment gateway and convenient checkouts keep customers constantly engaged with the brand. Data evidence across various studies indicates that even if your product is optimal, an insecure payment system can actually move all your customers away from you over to the competitors.

Here are some stats:

  • A complex checkout system makes 11% of the users abandon their carts
  • About 12% leave the application if too much personal information is sought
  • Limited payment methods can take away at least 7% of your customers
  • Finally, you are at risk of losing 14% of your potential customers without a guest payment option


However, there are several factors that you must consider before you integrate a secure payment system, including its ability to support multiple currencies. Besides, you must partner with a reliable mobile app development company London to ensure that your payment gateway is well-integrated, secure, and smooth.

The importance of payment gateways

When a client makes an online payment, a gateway technology picks up data and transfers it to an acquirer. After that, a notification is sent to the client about the acceptance or rejection of the transaction. In addition, the bank and card details of the customer are verified to ensure the availability of sufficient funds, thus allowing a merchant to collect payments for a product or service.

The client’s confidential credit card data is encrypted by the secure payment gateway to allow an anonymous transfer.

Stay protected with Ingenium Software’s integrated secure payment gateway systems for mobile applications.

Integrating a secure payment gateway

A regular shopper is acquainted with the secure payment gateway virtual analogue available in the POS or point-of-sale system in offline brick-and-mortar stores. Acting as middleware, the software communicates with the buyer and seller to enable secure financial transactions. It also simplifies the receivables’ process multi-fold for the merchants. However, without a secure payment gateway, the flow of online payments can be hindered by fraudsters who are constantly looking for loopholes within the process. Moreover, hacking or data manipulation could lead to irreparable damage to reputation.

To maintain the security of payment gateways, the merchants must use the SSL certificate for secure connections. This way, the application is protected by the SSL, and confidential data stays encrypted, thus keeping sensitive information away from fraudsters. While the security of the transactions is increased, the process also motivates the customer to purchase from your brand. The safety of the site can be identified when the URL begins with HTTPS. A user aware of this will undoubtedly choose safe payment methods without worrying about data and information loss.

Choosing the right partner for integrating the secure payment gateway

INGENIUM SOFTWARE is a premier mobile app development company in London specialising in integrating secure payment gateways for your application. We regularly keep your certification in check and enable consistency in security. Besides, we also make sure that a PCI certificate according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Guidelines is installed to protect sensitive user financial information.

Reach out to us for more information on bespoke mobile app development solutions and integrating a secure payment gateway for your app.