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What is WordPress? Why WordPress?

What is WordPress? Why WordPress? We will talk about these questions in this guide.

What We Cover:

  • What is WordPress ?
  • WordPress Features
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin
  • Why WordPress ?

Introducing wordpress

WordPress is the most popular and powerful content management system for site design. WordPress was initially just a free blogging system that provided good features for bloggers and was later introduced as a CMS or open source software for managing site content.

With WordPress you can easily launch almost any type of site you want. WordPress sites using plugins written for WordPress can include a variety of features. For example, in addition to the possibility of launching news sites, corporate or personal, to launch an online store next to the WordPress site, just add one of the plugins designed for this purpose to your WordPress core. For example, WooCommerce and EDD plugins are two WordPress plugins that are used to launch an online store to sell physical goods or download files.There is also the ability to turn the site into a social network with the powerful Buddypress plugin or create a forum or forum with the BBpress plugin in WordPress. Due to the abundance and variety of WordPress plugins, almost any feature can be added to the WordPress site.

WordPress is written in PHP programming language and is supported by MySQL. It is basically a PHP script that you can install on your host, you can easily set up your site as much as possible.

If we want to talk a little more about WordPress, we can basically say this :

There are several ways to set up a site. You can ask a developer to code your site from scratch. This is a very costly way and you are basically ordering a dedicated CMS for yourself which is extremely expensive. Also, after a while, if you want to make changes to it, it will cost you again and the whole development will be costly.

Another way to design a site is to use CMS or ready-made content management systems, which can greatly reduce your costs. In this method, you download a CMS like WordPress and install it on your host. So instead of ordering a dedicated high-priced CMS, you will have a free but much more advanced CMS! After launching WordPress, all you have to do is choose a template for yourself and use your site.

Previously about the advantages and disadvantages of different CMS in the article “What is CMS or CMS?” We talked. If you still do not know what CMS or content management system is, you can refer to this article.

Basic WordPress Features

WordPress has basic features. These features include:

  • Join the site
  • Introducing several managers and authors
  • Content category
  • Add posts and pages
  • Use gzip
  • Posting system for posts
  • Set and display calendars and clocks
  • Send WordPress newsletter
  • Visit pages for specific members only
  • And …

Main WordPress Features

  • Local installation
  • Portable core
  • Local time support
  • Gzip capability
  • Access level
  • User profile
  • High dynamism and flexibility
  • Has a library of WordPress plugins (free)
  • Has a WordPress template library (free)
  • WordPress Network (to set up a blogging system with WordPress)
  • Waterfall and shutter lists
  • Personalize templates, widgets from the admin panel
  • Post and manage comments
  • Launch the forum
  • Launching an online store
  • Dozens of other features and characteristics

But these are just the basic features of WordPress. It can be said that WordPress features are unlimited! Because with thousands of plugins, and the ability to write custom plugins for WordPress, you can launch any other feature you need for your site.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are installation files that can be installed on WordPress and add new features to the site. You can do this to add advanced features to the site, without the need for coding with plugins. The hassle of adding a new feature to the site is just a few simple clicks !

What is a WordPress Theme?

The WordPress template is basically the look of the site that users see. In WordPress, you can easily find your favorite design among the thousands of templates available on the Internet and install it on the site. Of course, if you specialize in template design knowledge, you can even design your own template for your site. Of course, we specialize in this field, and if you would like to have your own template, you can send us a WordPress template design order.

What are the benefits of WordPress?

Cost reduction : In addition to setting up a low-cost site, you no longer need to go to your site design company for any changes you want to make to the site. WordPress allows you to make changes within the site whenever you want, publish new content on the site, manage your users, review comments, and more.

Beautiful appearance : There are thousands of WordPress templates on the Internet that you can choose from and implement on your site. But WordPress also allows you to design and use your own custom template.

Easy management : You can easily manage your site wherever you are, whether with a computer or mobile, and you do not need any additional programs.

Connect with social networks : WordPress and its plugins allow you to automatically connect your site to major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and notify your customers of changes to your site.

Excellent SEO : WordPress is highly coded as standard to improve your site SEO as much as possible to have the best position in Google results. Of course, SEO is not limited to the content management system of your choice, and many other things contribute to this.

Free Update : WordPress is a completely free content management system and is very active in updating and fixing potential problems. You can download and install all these updates for free!

Security : WordPress has a very high level of security. But because security is a relative issue and will never be one hundred percent, WordPress scans WordPress issues every day and fixes updates. In addition to the WordPress team, there are many developers in the world who work on WordPress security. In addition to being very secure in WordPress itself, there are plugins to make the site more secure to make your site more secure.

WordPress Flexibility : WordPress is one of the most flexible content management systems in the world that people will be able to edit to their liking.

WordPress Applications

We mentioned earlier that WordPress has the ability to launch different types of websites. Here are some of them:

  • Designing personal websites
  • Designing corporate sites
  • Designing news sites
  • Designing photography sites and work samples
  • Implement online stores
  • Social network implementation
  • Implement the forum
  • Design of download sites
  • And …
Why WordPress?

Today, it has been proven that WordPress is the most powerful content management system.

If you are looking to start a new website for yourself or you have a website that has become very old and inefficient, WordPress will be a good solution for you. There are three key points for any website today that WordPress has to offer:

  • SEO and proper speed
  • Ability to connect with social networks
  • Proper display on mobile and tablet devices

Website owners and businesses do not like to go to the designer company for every small change in the site and spend several times a year to update their site, but instead want more control over the content of their site. Therefore, the simplicity and power of website management is very important and WordPress does exactly the same for you and is a sign of WordPress superiority.